As an individual with over thirty years in the criminal justice profession with twenty seven in the law enforcement community, Pamela has worn multiple hats during her career and developed functional expertise in the business to help others move forward toward their next level.

Pamela  has been involved personally in several promotional exams to achieve the level of captain as a candidate with successful results.  She has proven to be a leader with over fifteen years of experience as manager. Before her retirement, Pamela’s previous agency utilized her as a subject matter expert to develop training, tests and assessment materials for investigators on multiple occasions.

Today, Proactive Life Coaching and Consulting provides an array of consulting services to help and support individuals and businesses reach new heights.  Pamela is also an adjunct professional teaching college level students as they move on beyond high school.

Based on her many years of experience in the government and first-hand experience, she offers her expertise as a consultant, certified trainer and facilitator to the following areas:

  • Career Transitioning Preparation (any level) – employee or business readiness, interviewing preparation, resume discussion (referrals program), etc.
  • Leadership Development Consulting Services
  • Law Enforcement and Security training
  • First Responders written test preparation assistance & support (one on one, workshops)
  • First Responders (Police, Firefighters, etc.) Promotional Process Services – Assessment Center (one on one, small groups, workshops)

And more…

Pamela Burkett-Jones (facilitator/trainer) is a retired Captain of the Metropolitan Police Department. She has served on all sides of the assessment process, as a candidate, content developer, and an assessor. Learn more about her.

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