Handle With Care: 7 Essentials to Prepare, Pack and Propel for a Career Transition

Are you prepared to position yourself to unleash the greatness within as you transition careers?

Are you open to exploring your available possibilities as you prepare to move forward?

Are you in search of strategies to keep you from crashing and burning as you transition?

Are you ready to move on toward a brighter future that is aligned with your values, goals, and dreams?

If so, snag your copy of the book now! Grab your box and let’s get ready to handle your successful career transition with care!

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About the Book

In Handle with Care: 7 Essentials to Prepare, Pack and Propel for a Career Transition, Pamela Burkett-Jones shares her seven essentials steps of the Moving Box Methodology, which propelled her from employee to career freedom to embark on a new life of happiness.  Kissing her former boss goodbye! Infusing her personal testimonies with the proven strategies that helped her overcome stress, uncertainty, and the ultimate dream killer- fear when packing your “box” to start your new chapter, Pamela provides you her blueprint that is guaranteed to crush doubt and provide you with the tools to bet on YOU!

About the Author

Pamela Burkett Jones is the executive director and founder of Proactive Life Coaching and Consulting LLC. She is a certified ICF credentialed coach, consultant and professional speaker dedicated to supporting individuals seeking their highest potential in their professional and private lives as they move from being functional to optimal.  

She is a former criminal justice professional with thirty-two years of experience: twenty-seven in law enforcement. Now, when she is not helping clients, instructing her college students, conducting employee training, event speaking, or hosting her podcast, Pamela is consistently working on herself living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise. Just as she has brought her experience from one industry to the next, Pamela shows others how they can leverage their expertise and do the same.


 Answers to Your Questions

When will Handle with Care 7 Essentials to Prepare, Pack and Propel for a Career Transition be released?

The book will be available the first week of March 2021.

Who would best benefit from reading this book?

Anyone who is considering or ready to make a career change and want to successfully prepare, pack and propel during transiting onto their next chapter.  It will help those who do not know what they want to do next, but their current career no longer serves their individual needs or desires. 

Is this book ideal for individuals looking to become entrepreneurs going into business for themselves?

Yes. The Moving Box Methodology works for individuals who want to transfer their skills, abilities, and knowledge from corporate or government into their own business.

Are there any additional services offered to assist me with my career transition process if I desire more help after taking in the knowledge provided in this book?

Yes, let’s discuss further.   Click the button below to schedule a discovery call.