Proactive Life: The Secret of Finding Out How to Achieve Your Goals

Over a year ago, I retired after serving twenty-seven years in a law enforcement career.  Here’s my story about how planned my career transition, retired, and then after a roadblock, found the secret to achieving my lifelong goals.

My Initial Plan

Within ten years of my retirement date, I had it all mapped out.  My goal was to have a more structured life, which included taking advantage of spending time at home with my family, with weekends and holidays off.  To achieve this plan, I decided to seek a secure office job in a government agency.

While the clock was ticking, I began to make myself more marketable to compete in the “real world.”  I went back to college and obtained post graduate degrees. Also, focusing on other relatable training to build a resume which would stand out among the rest.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … In a blink, I had less than a year until my retirement eligibility date. I had a year to reach my initial goal.  So I got busy.  After applying for job after job, I received a call for an interview.  Talk about cutting it close!

Obviously I was ecstatic to have my first interview, and with just weeks left before I officially retired.  It was for a position in which I planned for the last eight years.  I showed up confidently as if the job was already mine, and they hired me on the spot.  However …

Not at All How I Planned It

Turns out, I had to go through the agency’s extensive, and long, onboard hiring process.  The retirement train arrived at the station, and it was time to say goodbye to my long career as a first responder.  Have you ever found yourself in the middle of carefully thought-out plans, only to hit a roadblock or speedbump and was slowed down immediately?

Well, as I waited for the onboard process to be completed, I had time to contemplate my set goal.  Was I heading towards a vision for my life?

Over the years, I found that I had several ideas.  Plans pushed aside, and many yet to be explored – so much potential and possibilities.  Have you ever found yourself following a path, and find yourself wondering “what if …”? 

I was on the cusp of discovering how my paths, which included the dream of a career focused on helping individuals, and my lifelong goals could meet.

The New Plan

It was not until I was introduced to a life coach who was able to support me and help me to reopen the doors which locked away. With my coach’s support, I re-discovered my lifelong dreams, and dusted off the goals section of my library to start seeing what other possibilities were in store for me. 

I realized there was more to life for me than just to take on an office job, where I would be unfulfilled and most likely go down another counting down regiment—to my second retirement.  Through coaching I discovered my own desire to become a coach, mentor, and speaker.  I had gifts and talents developed and honed during my career, and I wanted to share what I knew – and my coach helped me to realize I can do both.  I decided to get trained as a certified coach and formalized my practice.  Click here to find out more about me.

Four-Step Process to Achieving Goals

Now, I had to walk you through my journey to show you how I figured out the secret.  How I had to adjust my thinking to really focus on my heart, and therefore what I really wanted to do.  You see …

  1. I had to renew my thinking about what I wanted as a career, and more about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Instead of just thinking of needing a job, but finally started discussing what I want to do.
  1. I had to refocus from the old way of looking at goals and focus on my new outlook to determine what I wanted to accomplish and really do in life.
  1. I then began to plan which included the support of coaching services in my case to help get clear on my vision discovering any limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations or inner blocks stopping me from achieving my goals
  1. Once I obtained a clear direction, it was time to act and pursue my desire goal

Are you ready to make this process work for you? 

My story may or may not be like yours.  You may have a different story.  You may have lost your job and do not know where to start. You may no longer feel satisfied or fulfilled with your job and know there is something else out there but not clear on what it is. You may have faced life challenges or obstacles which have you stuck and in need of support to get you motivated on your dreams and desires.  You may just not be clear on what your next steps in life should be and need support to help you move forward. 

If you’ve read the above sections and feel you’re ready to take an active step in controlling your next steps in life to move forward.  Do you want to start focusing on your vision, dreams, and goals?  Then I think you are ready for a proactive life. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your situation further.

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